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About us

The Land Army was co-founded by Hampshire brothers Ben & Guy Habgood. Having found themselves out of work due to Covid-19, the brothers, who have strong ties to the Hampshire and Dorset countryside, began looking for farm work as a means to cover their bills.

It was only when searching for farm work that they realised the enormity of the task at hand and the fact that farms and workers needed to be matched quickly to help with labour shortages in the industry.

Fast forward a few days and was born, with over 20,000 people registering an interest in farm work within a few weeks, before the jobs platform was even launched. While the platform was born to address the immediate need for seasonal farm workers, it  has been designed to cater  for all types of agricultural jobs.

Thank you for your support,
Guy & Ben Habgood

Our Grandad and Great Grandad in Whitchurch, Hampshire.

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