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Farm Soils and Carbon Advisors




We are looking for two Farm Carbon and Soils Advisors to join our growing team, helping farmers to reduce their carbon footprint, build resilience and healthy soil.

This is a highly practical role that requires a strong understanding about farming and carbon issues, and an experience of farming that enables the applicant to interact with and support tenant farmers.

Farm Carbon Toolkit is a growing organisation that supports farmers and growers to reduce their carbon emissions and increase their carbon sequestration.

As a Farm Carbon and Soils Advisor you will be involved in a wide range of activities including soil sampling, research, communications and consultancy engagement.

If you are interested in this position, please visit our Job Opportunities page on our website for full job descriptions of each role.

Volunteer Work



Paid Per Hour



At a later date 2020-10-19

This farm is looking for local people that can travel to and from the destination.

This farm can accommodate a certain amount of mobile homes on its grounds.

This farm has some accommodation available on-site. Spaces may be limited.

Required Experience

A sound knowledge of the practices, principles, barriers and opportunities for farmers as they adopt different sustainable farming methods.


  • Experience of working with farmers in an advisory setting
  • Experience of research processes and procedures
  • Understanding of soil management and climate change
  • Knowledge of sustainable soil management - including soil surveying, risk assessment for erosion, compaction etc

Weekly Hours:




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